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Diaphragm pump disassembly and inspection

Release time: 2017-11-6 10:34:10

When disassembling the oil pump, disassemble the oil pipe first, then disassemble the oil pump and replace the sealing ring. Installation, in the reverse order, the bolt tightening torque of 24N · m, after installation, the piping system must be deflated.

Here's how to drain the air from the delivery pump, low pressure tubing and fuel filter:
Unscrew the bleed screw on the tubing joint as shown in Figure 5-3. Shake the hand pump of the oil pump to discharge air until the diesel oil discharged outside the bleed screw is free of air bubbles. Tighten the bleed screw and tighten the torque 8N · m. Oil pump must be able to work properly, when the oil resistance is greater than 20kPa, the oil pump will not pump oil. If it is found that the pump does not pump oil and pump oil is insufficient, check whether the oil is clogged, whether the oil pipe is flattened and whether the oil pump itself is damaged.





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